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How To Solve Puzzles

How to Solve Word Tracing Puzzles

by Chip Brown

In a word tracing puzzle, you are presented with a grid of letters and a clue. Starting with the letter in the upper-left corner, you move along to adjacent letters, trying to spell a word which matches the clue. You will use every letter in the grid at least once, usually some more than once.

Diagonal movement is considered adjacent, so each letter has up to eight adjacent letters you can move to.

Starting at the E and moving to adjacent letters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, find a topic important to workplace safety.

The answer is ERGONOMICS, follow the numbers:

E1 M7 N5
I8 R2 O4,6
S10 C9 G3


If you get stuck, don’t forget you can get hints by tapping on the icon. You have the option to reveal a letter or answer and also to clear out any errors. It’s not cheating to ask for a hint — the goal is to have fun, so if asking for a hint increases your enjoyment, feel free.


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How to Solve Puzzles

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